Microchips In Cats

A microchip is not only a reliable method of identification in dogs but also in cats. To date, experts agree that microchips are the best mode of pet identification than ID tags and tattoos. Lost cats have a higher chance of being reunited with their owners when they have been fitted with a microchip. However, the success of finding a lost or missing cat depends on the contact details in the registry database of the microchip’s company. Pet owners must always remember to update their database information in case there are changes in their home address, phone numbers, etc. Simply get in touch with the company; you will be asked about the number of the chip and the information you wish to update in their online database. When a cat is found, a vet clinic or animal shelter may scan the animal’s body for any microchip and if there is, they check the microchip number with an online database so the owner can be known and notified. Your Fernley, NV veterinarian can answer important questions and/or concerns you may have about microchips in pets. 


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