Managing Your Shy Cat

Shy cats will hide most of the day or only come out to certain people. This shyness might come from a lack of socialization while your cat was a kitten, but it could also come from stressful household conditions. Your cat may have been abused as a kitten and she is afraid of her new home. Watch your cat to understand what she will allow. Don’t grab at her or pull her from her hiding place. Lure your cat from hiding with food treats. Your cat might come out when seem to be ignoring her like when you are watching TV or reading. Let her approach you and explore. Talk to her softly while she is hiding or whenever she attempts to interact with you. Use toys to stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts so she finds playing with you irresistible. Work with your cat consistently to gain her trust. For more information, visit this website Murrieta Family Pet Hospital, or contact your Temecula, CA veterinarian.


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