Hand-Stripping In Dogs

In dogs, hand-stripping is indicated when shaving or hair trimming is unable to meet their standard grooming needs. The procedure involves the removal of the hairs from the root by hand to give way for new hairs to grow in. On the other hand, hair trimming or hair clipping simply removes only the top layer of the hair coat that is already dead or loose, thus the dog’s hair coat texture and color appears dull. The breeds of dogs that require hand-stripping possess a double hair layer, each of which is a distinct hair type. The undercoat is generally dense and soft, while the top coat is loner and wiry. These breeds include Jack Russel Terrier, Airdale Terrier, and Schnauzer to name a few. Your dog’s grooming needs is just one of the important topics that you should discuss with your Upper Arlington, OH veterinarian during your pet’s wellness check. 


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