What to Do After Your Dog Is Finished in the Bath

A lot of pet parents focus bath time tips, with good reason. Many canines don’t like bath time! However, it is equally as important to think about what you’re going to do after your dog is finished in the tub.

Before you give him a bath, make sure you have a towel handy. That way, the second he’s done in the tub and jumps out onto the floor, you can cover him with a towel before he has a chance to shake all that water off all over you.

You may want to consider blow drying your dog. This is an especially good idea if he has a long, fluffy coat that will take a long time to dry.

You can brush your dog after his bath too! Just make sure his coat is completely dry before you do. Your vet Somerville, MA can provide you with additional tips for making bath time successful.


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