What Happens If There Impaction Of A Dog’s Anal Glands

A pair of glands near the anal opening produces a waxy substance that is released as fecal material passes through on its way out of the body. The secretion of the anal gland is responsible for the distinct odor of the feces. The odor is unique for every dog thus they use this to mark territory and leave their signature scent to warn other dogs. 

One common problem of anal sacs is impaction. Some breeds are prone to the problem. Carrying excess pounds is also an important predisposing factor. The condition is characterized by the failure of the anal sacs to empty normally, causing the excess buildup of secretion and enlargement of the gland. Affected dogs suffer from pain and discomfort. The accumulated secretion can also be a favorable medium for bacterial growth leading to infection. Without prompt veterinary attention, the glands can rupture and become an open wound which can only further complicate the problem. 

If your dog frequently suffers from impacted anal glands, you should learn to manually express your pet’s glands at home on a regular basis. A visit to your veterinarian Tampa, FL should also be made to determine the potential cause of the problem. 


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