The Playful and Mischievous Affenpinscher

Have you heard about the cute little toy dog breed out of Germany? He’s known as the Affenpinscher, which literally translates into ‘Monkey Terrier.’ The name fits perfectly with the dog’s playful, energetic, clown like personality. He loves to monkey around and play. He also has lots of energy and needs to walk a lot in order to calm down for sleep at night. The cute little toy breed is also known for his scruffy coat and mustached or bearded looking appearance. He’s quite the famous pup. Artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir portrayed the pup in the famous painting ‘Luncheon of the Boating Party’ where he drew specific detail to the dogs mustache and beard. The dog’s muzzle is short giving him a protruding jaw and lower lip which is also quite cute and often gives the impression of the dog pouting or begging for attention. You can learn more about this breed from your veterinarians Los Gatos, CA. 


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