Can Puppies Eat Ice Cream?

Yes and no. It will depend on several considerations like how old your puppy is, ice cream flavor, and if your pet is allergic to certain foods or is lactose intolerant. Regular vanilla ice cream is generally safe for dogs. But steer clear of ice cream products that contain xylitol (a sugar substitute), chocolate, raisins, and certain ingredients that can be toxic to dogs. 

Ice cream of any flavor should NOT be given to puppies that are still nursing from their mother’s milk. They can, however, have some ice cream when they have been completely weaned and have adjusted to puppy food. 

Instead of the usual ice cream, why don’t you give yogurt to your pet. There are frozen treats that contain yogurt instead of cream and are specially made for dogs. However, experts still advise moderation when giving ice cream or foreign treats to your pooch. You can also ask your Brandon, FL vet's advice about giving ice cream and other frozen treats to your puppy.

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