The American Curl a.k.a. Peter Pan

Cats are often viewed as independent and even loners, but the truth is they can be very outgoing, playful, loving and loyal. Some are even mischievous and love to keep their owners on the alert. One of the more playful cat breeds is the American Curl. In fact, this breed is often called the “Peter Pan of Felines” because he is so playful and has a long kitten stage. It seems like he never wants to grow up and generally enjoys being loved on and played with. The kitten personality is often seen well into the cat’s senior years. The American Curl hit the scene in 1981. They come in various colors and can have a long hair coat or a short hair coat. The name ‘curl’ comes from the unique way the cat’s ears have a natural curl to them. This is a great breed for families as well. Talk to your Hyattsville, MD veterinarian to learn more.


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