Pet Gerbils

Did you know that gerbils can survive even when they drink only less than one teaspoon of water? Yes, the body of a gerbil is wired to efficiently conserve water? This helps them adapt to the environmental extremes of the desert where they are naturally found. However, as pets, gerbils need to have easy access to fresh and clean drinking water. Their water containers should be cleaned daily and refilled with fresh water. It is more convenient to use water bottles that can be attached to the side of the gerbil’s cage because they can easily be cleaned. It is also an excellent way to protect the bedding of the gerbil’s enclosure from getting wet. 

Gerbils have scent glands on their belly area. It appears like an oval spot that is devoid of hair and orange in color. As the gerbils mature, the gland also develops and enlarges. Male gerbils use the oily gland secretion to mark objects and establish territories. 

Bring your pet gerbil to your best veterinary clinic Las Vegas, NV for regular wellness checks.


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