Play-Biting In Puppies -- Should You Be Concerned?

Puppies use their mouth, teeth, and tongue to learn more about their environment. They also engage in play-biting, a behavior that pet owners should try to address. It may be difficult, if not possible, to stop your puppy from engaging in the behavior, but there are ways to teach him to be gentle when play-biting. Even in trained dogs, biting is an instinctive behavior in dogs; after all, they are natural predators. Domestication has, however, greatly diminished this instinct. But some dogs have stronger protective instincts than other dogs, and can easily be provoked under certain situations. Bite inhibition should start during the puppy’s period of socialization so he will learn to distinguish between play-biting and the more serious and deeper bites that need medical attention. Mother dogs also teach her puppies bite-inhibition lessons by stepping in when one of her puppies cry out after being nipped or bitten by another puppy in the litter. If you are having problems with your puppy's behavior, talk with your vet Las Vegas, NV


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