Why Your Cat Is Hiding Under The Bed

Does your pet cat spend most of his time hiding under the bed or furniture? In most cases, these cats only emerge from their hiding places when no one is around so they can eat, drink, and use the litter box. Any perceived noise will send these cats scampering back to their hiding place. 

Cats that lack socialization early in life can become nervous and anxious about anything strange or unfamiliar in their immediate environment. With adequate exposure early in life, they will be more interactive and affectionate with people and other pets. If your cat hisses and show other signs of aggression when you try to coax him out from his hiding spot, don’t force the issue or you might end up with nips, wounds, and even bites from an overly anxious, fearful, and nervous cat. 

You should seek professional help from your veterinarian Carrollton, GA if you are dealing with any undesirable pet behavior. 


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