Interacting with your feathery friend

You have a bird in your life now and you’d like to get to know her a bit better. What should you know about interacting with your feathery friend?

Your pet needs to be able to get out of her cage each and every day to interact with the world around her. This means that she needs to be able to have some fun with you in an area that has been thoroughly bird-proofed. This means taking the time to remove hazards and make sure windows and doors are closed. You can then take the time to play with your pet, train her, and generally enjoy her company. Have some toys on hand to utilize and some activities in mind to take part in, but be sure to follow your pet’s lead as well in case she has things in mind that she would like to do as well. Your local vet McHenry, IL can help you better understand your pet.


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