Feeding Your Pet Guinea Pig

For most pet guinea pigs, their diet is made up of hay or grass, premium quality pellets, and some fruits and veggies. When buying commercial pellets, make sure it is specially formulated for guinea pigs and not for other types of pocket pets. They have specific needs for certain nutrients including vitamin C. Rabbit pellets should not be given to cavies because most contain small quantities of antibiotics that can be harmful for them. Guinea pigs cannot produce vitamin C in their bodies thus their only source of this essential vitamin is their diet. Pellets specially formulated for cavies have been fortified with vitamin C. Read the product label properly, making sure that it is a stabilized form of vitamin C. This form of vitamin C is not easily degraded during storage and is only released once it is acted upon by enzymes in the stomach. 

Cavy owners must always remember the pellets formulated for a certain species of pocket should not be given to another species because of potential problems that the animal can suffer from down the road. Hay constitutes almost 90% of the diet of cavies. You can choose between alfalfa hay or Timothy hay, but many experts recommend the latter. 

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