Managing Cushing's Disease in your Horse

Has your horse recently been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease? If so, make sure your talk with your vet extensively to learn how to treat and care for your horse. In many cases, your vet will recommend an immediate change in your horse’s diet, exercise routine, and time spent on grass in the pasture. These are key factors in treating and managing the disease. Experts have found that 10 percent of horses age 15 and over develop Cushing’s. This disease is incurable, but it is manageable with medication. Horses with Cushing’s will need extra care to manage the disease and control symptoms. For instance, your horse should have routine dental care to prevent tooth loss. Regular hoof trimming and shoeing should also be done to prevent laminitis/founder. Routine body clipping and grooming is also needed to keep the thick coat under control. Talk with your Chattanooga, TN vet to learn more.


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