Does My Horse Need Papers to Travel?

Are you planning to take your horse across state lines? If so, then you need to make sure your horse has the proper papers needed for traveling. When you cross state lines with a horse you will need to stop at the Agriculture Station to show your horse’s papers, proof of vaccinations, etc. Travel papers or documentation stating vaccination history must be provided by your veterinarian on a specific form. Your vet should be familiar with this form and have forms available. For instance, most general papers needed for travel include a CVI or Certificate of Veterinary inspection also known as a health certificate. Coggins testing paperwork is also needed. The CVI or health certificate is issued by your best veterinary clinic Chattanooga, TN. Your vet can issue the certificate after conducting a physical exam of your horse. A negative Coggins test is also required in order to protect against the spreading of the fatal Equine Infectious Anemia virus.


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