Dog Adoption – What To Expect During Your New Pet’s First Day At Home

Choosing to adopt a dog from the shelter is a very honorable thing to do. Careful planning and preparation should be done well-ahead of time to ensure that your pet’s first few days in his new home will be comfortable and uneventful. A dog from the shelter may take longer to adjust and there may be some problems new pet owners have to deal with especially during their animal’s transition period. Even if you are eager to show off your new pooch to your friends, it is a good idea to give him time to settle down in his new home and his daily routine before you introduce him to unfamiliar pets and humans. If you have kids, make sure they are taught how to approach a new dog to avoid overwhelming and triggering aggressive displays of behavior. 

Visit your Green Bay, WI veterinary hospital for more helpful tips on making your new pet’s first few days in a new home safe and happy. 


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