A Feline with a Canine Coat

Have you ever heard of a cat having the coat of a dog? That’s crazy or is it? There are actually several types of cats that are closely associated with canines due to their canine like coat. For instance, the American Wirehair cat has a square jaw, round head, and perfectly proportioned body. His coat is much like that of a terrier. The coat is coarse, springy or bouncy, and even looks a little crimped in some spots. Some experts have described the coat texture as being similar to that of a Brillo pad. Because of the unique texture of the coat there is not much grooming required. A daily brush or run through with your fingers is quite enough. Because of the hair like coat, the American Wirehair may be the better choice for individual with allergies. You should talk with your Newburgh, NY veterinary clinic about the breed before deciding to purchase it. Or visit this website.


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