Australian Cattle Dogs

If you’re looking for an energetic canine companion check out the Australian Cattle dog. This dog is high energy and loves to be on the go. This dog breed originated in the 1800s as a herding dog used to keep livestock in line. The dog chased livestock across Australia going through rough terrain, times of excessive heat and extreme cold. The dog is very protective, loyal and excellent at guarding property, family, and livestock. The Australian Cattle dog often goes by “Aussie,” “Blue heeler,” or even “Red heeler.” The latter two nicknames come from the fact that this pup like to nip at the heels of whatever it may be herding to make the livestock go. The Aussie makes for a great companion for people that like to be out and about in nature. Your vet Saskatoon, Saskatchewan can tell you that the Aussie’s typical lifespan is around 15 years. 


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