Dogs Hate To Be Teased Or Yelled At

Children should be cautioned against teasing a dog, barking back at them, chasing, or pulling their ears or tails. These can all trigger display of aggressive behavior as dogs can easily be annoyed by what they can’t seem to comprehend. Also, a dog can be quick to bite or nip when someone goes near or moves his food bowl while he is eating. If you want to play with your pooch by dangling a toy, be sure to let go once he grabs at it with his teeth because dogs can be irritated when they have to pull at the object.

Dogs also hate to be yelled at because they think that their owners are barking at them angrily. Thus, yelling is a no-no during training or when correcting bad habits. Yelling at your dog can only confuse, scare, or make him angry. If you want to get your pet’s attention, it is better to use a deep, firm voice. 

Asking assistance from your animal hospital Bee Cave TX will also go a long way in addressing any behavior problem displayed by your pet.


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