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Boxer Puppies and Bones

Puppies love to chew on things especially large puppy breeds like the Boxer. Finding something safe for your puppy to chew on can be tricky. Toys, hard treats, and even bones are often suggested. Whether or not your puppy should chew on a bone is up to your vet. Always consult your vet before given your puppy anything new. Your vet will most likely recommend not giving your Boxer puppy a real bone to chew on because the puppy is still developing his teeth and jaw structure. The puppy’s teeth are actually still quite soft so even though he wants to chew he will need something soft to chew on. Try finding soft toys for your puppy to chew on and soft treats that are specifically designed for puppies. Treats also need to be geared for a puppy’s developing digestive system. For more ideas and treat suggestions, consult with your pet clinic Ellicott City MD.


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