The American English Coonhound

Have you ever heard of the American English Coonhound? Perhaps just the Coonhound? If you’re looking for a hound for your pack or family then check out this breed. The American English Coonhound, like most hounds, is built to run and hunt. He also loves to play rough. This hound can be found chasing birds, raccoons, rabbits, and anything else that happens to catch his eye. With this in mind, it’s important to understand that this hound will need consistent exercise daily in order to burn off all of that energy. If you take your coonhound on walks, be extra cautious as he may run at the first sight or scent of prey. Routine obedience training is a necessity to ensure this pup listens and obeys. A properly trained American English Coonhound can make a great pet and is actually considered pretty  mellow when he’s not on the hunt. Talk to your Dunn, NC vet to learn more. Or make an appointment here:


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