The Affenpinscher

Are you familiar with the Affenpinscher breed of canine? This breed is described as playful, energetic and curious. The Affenpinscher is a small breed. In fact, this breed was one of the first toy breeds. The Affenpinscher originated in Germany around the 17th century. It was originally bred to chase rats and keep homes and mills rodent-free. The name Affenpinscher is translated to mean “Monkey Terrier.” The name was given to the small dog because of its monkey like facial features. This breed of canine is also known for its scruffy and odd facial features which create the illusion of the dog actually having a mustache and bead. It’s no wonder that the French affectionately nicknamed the dog “mustached little devil.” The “devil” part of the nickname is rightly earned since the breed is known to be stubborn and independent. For more information on this breed, contact your vet Dunn, NC.


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