Scooting In Cats Or Dogs

Have you noticed your pet dragging his behind across the floor or lawn? The behavior is often displayed in pets with anal sac problems, and is more common in dogs than in cats. They use their front paws to propel themselves along while dragging their behind on the surface. Some owners that are not familiar with the behavior may get alarmed, thinking that their pet has injured its back. Without manual emptying of a dog’s anal sac, the pain and discomfort can worsen especially when infection sets in. The pair of anal sacs is located just before the anal opening of cats and dogs. They produce a substance that has a strong and distinct smell that is normally released when the passing waste materials exert pressure on the anal sacs. It is the one that’s responsible for the distinct odor of poop. If your pet frequently suffers from anal sac problems, a visit to your Kilgore, TX veterinary clinic should be made sooner rather than later.

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