Why Do Cats Meow?

Meowing is an important way by which cats communicate. If you spend time listening to your cat’s vocalization, you may notice that he makes several types of meowing sounds. Knowing when they make certain sounds will make it easier for you to get what your pet is trying to tell you. Sometimes, persistent meowing can be an attention-seeking behavior when they want to get the attention of their owners. This is a type of meowing that should be ignored. If you even just look at your cat when he engages in the behavior, he will soon learn that he can have your attention and will do it often. Some feline breeds are known to be noisier than other breeds. They seem to like the sound of their meowing; they also love carrying on a ‘conversation’ with their owners. A cat that is in season also tend to be very noisy. Stressed and bored cats may also engaged in persistent vocalization for lack of nothing to do. 

You should seek professional help from a Longview, TX veterinarian if you are dealing with any behavior problem exhibited by your pet.


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