Paw-Licking, Dreaming, And Drooling -- Are These Normal Canine Behaviors?

Some canine behaviors can be baffling to many pet owners, making them wonder whether their pets are behaving normally or suffering from a certain type of disorder. 

Licking of the paws

Dogs lick their paws as a part of their daily grooming. However, there are instances when it becomes an obsessive behavior as a result of a fungal or bacterial infection; it can also be triggered by a hypersensitive reaction or allergy. Dogs suffering from boredom can also develop the habit for lack of something to do. 


Experts believe that dogs do dream because of the movement of their brainwaves during REM-like phase of sleep. In people, it is during this stage when dreaming usually occurs. 


Some breeds of dogs are known droolers. However, excessive drooling can be a red flag of something serious, a problem that needs prompt veterinary intervention. 

Talk to your vet clinic Longview, TX to find out the cause and how to treat it.


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