Picking Up Your Guinea Pig

Your can injure your guinea pig if you pick him up improperly. He can even die if you drop him. Learn to pick up your guinea pig properly. Never pick him up by a limb or the scruff of the neck. Ensure that your guinea pig is comfortable with your handling being picked up. Sit by his enclosure and talk or sing to him softly. Pet him and drape your hand where he can explore it. Try hand feeding him. When you are ready to pick up your guinea pig, act efficiently. Use one hand under his chest just behind the front legs and use the other hand to scoop up his rear end. Hold him firmly so he doesn’t wriggle from your grip. Be prepared to lower your guinea pig to a safe surface rather then drop him. Always supervise your guinea pig whenever he is outside his enclosure. Contact your vet Pasadena, MD to learn more.


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