Monitoring your Diabetic Cat's Blood Sugar

If your cat has sugar diabetes then you may need to monitor her blood sugar in order to regulate medication and ensure overall health. Your vet may require you to bring your cat in for frequent blood sugar checks or he may ask that you take your cat’s blood sugar level reading at home. Like humans, cats can have their blood sugar levels tested and monitored with at home monitor. Using a human monitor found in most pharmacies is often less expensive than purchasing a monitor specifically for cats. Ask your vet to show you how to check the blood sugar at home. Other things you can watch out for include your cat’s diet. Make sure she’s eating a regular cat food low in sugar or carbohydrates. Watch out for the treats to as they can be loaded with sugar. For more ways to monitor your cat’s diabetes, consult with your St. Vital, Manitoba veterinary clinic. Learn more here.


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