How Often Should I Clean My Guinea Pig's Cage?

If you have one guinea pig then you should plan to clean the cage completely once a week. You should pick the cage or scoop the poop and wet spots at least once a day or once every few days. This can help the cage go longer in between full cleanings. If your guinea pig spills his water or urinates excessively creating super wet bedding you clean the cage out and give all new clean bedding immediately. Guinea pigs that sit in wet bedding will absorb the wet into their fur and skin and could possibly develop pneumonia. On a weekly basis, remove the guinea pig, food and water bowls, water bottles, toys etc. and completely dump out the bedding. Wipe down the cage with a vet approved disinfectant and then dry it. Add new bedding. Clean the bowls, bottles and toys with warm water before returning those. For more tips, give your Winnipeg, Manitoba veterinarian a call. Or make an appointment at this website Sage Creek Animal Hospital.


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