Feeding Tips For Orphaned Kittens

Kittens that have been orphaned or abandoned need optimum care and attention in order to thrive. The first four weeks of their life is very critical and having a human caregiver can make all the difference. A veterinarian can prescribe a milk formula that is bottle-fed to the kittens. When feeding a kitten, its belly must be placed down on the surface, whether it’s a floor or table. Never bottle-feed a kitten while they are lying on their back because the milk can be aspirated to the lungs instead of going to the stomach. During the first few weeks, a kitten may drink milk from the bottle for about 10-15 minutes until they are full. After feeding the kitten, stimulate elimination by massaging the kitten’s lower belly using a warm and damp cloth or cotton ball. For more information about the dietary needs of the orphaned kittens, visit your South London area animal hospital.

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