A Sudden Change In A Dog's Skin Color Could Be An Important Health Warning

Some dogs undergo a distinct change in the color of their skin as they age or as a seasonal occurrence. However, a sudden change in skin color can also be an important sign of an underlying health issue that may need immediate veterinary attention. Some of these conditions in which skin depigmentation is an important symptom include hormonal disorders, some types of bacterial and fungal infections, and some forms of cancer. Another important cause of skin depigmentation, specifically of the nasal planum (the hard hairless part at the tip of a dog’s nose), is discoid lupus erythematosus which is a common immune-mediated condition in dogs. Without any veterinary intervention, there may be swelling and formation of ulcers and erosions of the skin surface. Exposure to UV light (from the sun or from artificial sources) can aggravate the problem. In order to protect your pet from potentially life-threatening problems,, have your London, ON veterinarian examine your dog so that the issue can be addressed in an appropriate manner. Visit this link for more details:


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