Light, Medium and Heavy Blankets for Donkeys

Did you know that some owners blanket their donkeys in the winter? It’s not necessary for all donkeys to be blanketed. They are naturally adaptable to cold weather. Their fur will thicken and provide the protection they need from the elements. However, if your donkey is young, old or has health issues then he may need a blanket. You can choose from a light, medium or heavy weight blanket. A general rule of thumb for determining which to use is to look at your own layering choices. Just remember, your donkey is already wearing one layer (his fur) so count that when deciding what he needs. If you’re wearing a light jacket then your donkey is probably fine without a blanket. If you’re wearing a sweater plus a jacket then a medium will suffice. If you’re wearing a heavy coat then go for the heavy blanket. Give your vet clinic Marietta, GA team a call for assistance too.


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