Bringing the Cat Inside in the Winter

Outdoor cats like to be outdoors and they may find it difficult to come inside when the days become shorter and the temperatures start to drop. However, inside is where they should be. If it’s too cold for you to be outside then it’s definitely too cold for your cat to be outside. There are several cat breeds that are made to survive in cold temperatures. Those include Siberian Forest, Manx, Ragdoll, and Russian Blue are just a few breeds that love the cold. However, even these harty felines need to be brought indoors during the colder days and nights in the winter. If you have trouble bringing your cat indoors when the weather is warm develop a plan to get your cat accustomed to coming inside when called. Entice him with treats or his favorite meal that way he will be ready to come in when it’s cold. Learn more by talking with your Carolina Forest, SC vet.


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