My Somali Cat is Constantly Scratching Furniture

We love our cats and most things about them except for their bad habit of scratching and tearing up our furniture. If your Somali cat is given your furniture a hard time, talk with your vet to learn about various ways you can prevent your cat from scratching the furniture. Some pet owners have tried scat mats. These mats are placed on the furniture. They are turned on and send small electrical currents through the mat when it is touched. This can help prevent your cat from even getting on the furniture. Another option is to make sure your cat has plenty of toys and scratching posts to play with. Sometimes cats will scratch at furniture because they’re bored. They may also be hungry so make sure you feed them at a consistent time as well. If the clawing gets out of control, talk with your vet Bee Cave, TX about trimming your cat’s nails (not declawing).


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