Switching Wardrobes for your Dog

If you live in an area where the climates change throughout the year, then you may notice that your dog has a bit of a wardrobe that is associated with those times of the year. For instance, rain coats and sheets may be hanging around for the summer. Fleece lined coats and snow jackets may be set to the side for winter. Snow boots, mittens and sweaters are normal attire for pups in the colder weather too. If your pup has a wardrobe for summer and winter, make sure you switch the wardrobe around in the early or late fall and again in the early or late spring. Just like switching your own wardrobe out, you should switch your dog’s out. This way you will know what kind of gear your dog has for the winter and what is still needed. For tips, talk with your veterinarians Marietta, GA.


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