Why Your Pet Rabbit Needs More Than a Hutch

Pet rabbits are housed in a hutch. It can either be an outdoor hutch or an indoor one. If your pet rabbit spends considerable time outdoors, a durable hutch will protect him from potential predators and extremes in environmental conditions. The more spacious the hutch, the happier will be your pet rabbit. Rabbits hate cramped enclosures because they won’t have enough space to engage in natural behaviors. As a guide, a 6 feet (length) x 2 feet (width) x 2 feet (height) hutch can comfortably accommodate 2 rabbits. The design should include an enclosed run so your pets can have enough space for play and exercise. The runs should be at least 8 feet x4 feet x 2 feet. Know more about your pet’s housing needs by asking your vet clinic Las Vegas, NV


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