Getting Your Iguana Ready for Fall and Winter

Iguanas love the warm air. They are prone to living in humid, warm climates where snow isn’t even a second thought. However, not all iguanas can live in their home territory. Pet store iguanas, for instance, can live anywhere around the country depending on where they are sold. If you have a pet iguana make sure you talk to your pet store about all of the iguanas winter needs. Some iguanas will need heating lamps in their habitats in order to keep the temperatures warm. You may also need to provide a soaking bowl of warm water in addition to a regular bowl of room temperature water for drinking. You should probably not take your iguana outdoors in the cold, if you do, make sure you have something to wrap in as it will be too cold. You can give your Marion, IA vet a call for suggestions. Click here.


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