Flea Allergy In Dogs

Allergy flare-ups can certainly make a dog’s life miserable. They can’t get enough rest or sleep as they try to find ways to find relief from the intense itchiness. They may bite, scratch, chew, lick, and even rub their bodies against surfaces to try to ease the itching. Fortunately, there are ways to manage allergies and alleviate symptoms. Experts recommend working closely with your veterinarian in managing the symptoms to prevent more serious issues like skin infections, inflammation, and extensive hair loss.

Flea prevention is not just a seasonal thing. It should be a year-round program because fleas are ubiquitous and they are hardy enough to withstand adverse conditions. They can lay eggs on every nook and cranny of your home until such time that the environmental conditions are favorable for hatching and growth. 

More serious skin problems may need a medicated shampoo that is prescribed by your Chattanooga, TN vet. Learn more here.


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