Bumblefoot In Pet Rabbits

Bumblefoot, technically called pododermatitis (podo-feet) is an inflammatory process affecting the feet of rabbits. The infection is characterized by redness, scabbing, swelling, sores, scabs, oozing, and hair loss in affected areas. Rabbits suffer from extreme pain and tend to limp. There are several predisposing factors of bumblefoot in rabbits. These include:

  • Staying in wet and dirty environment where the rabbit’s feet and hocks are constantly wet.
  • Walking on rough surfaces
  • Sitting in a dirty litter box for considerable lengths of time
  • Lack of physical activity with prolonged periods of sitting 

The treatment of bumblefoot will depend on the severity of the problem. Your veterinarian services Chattanooga, TN may prescribe antibiotics to combat the infection, pain medications, and correcting the cause of the problem.


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