Toys and Your Pet Bird

Your pet bird needs to exercise and partake in activities that will stimulate him mentally. He also needs to keep active so he doesn’t get bored. Appropriate toys help meet your bird’s needs in this regard. Using toys when socializing amps up the level of play. And toy play is your bird’s main activity when you aren’t around. Don’t put so many things the cage that your bird struggles to move around freely. Choose toys with a variety of textures. These will feel interesting to your bird’s mouth and feet. Bright, brilliant toys are visually stimulating. Consider fun shapes, sizes and sounds too. Your bird will enjoy mirrored surfaces, climbing apparatus and swings. Choose appropriately sized toys for your bird. He will chew on the toys so ensure that parts cannot break off. He could swallow small parts. Ensure that dyes or woods are non-toxic. Learn more from your Pickerington, OH veterinary clinic.


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