What to do if Your Dog Starts Throwing Up

Throwing up or vomiting is a common occurrence in animals especially dogs. If dogs eat something that upsets their stomach they will most often throw it up. Spicy or greasy human foods, for instance, can cause a dog to throw up. Dogs may also throw up if they drink or eat too fast. In some cases, the ingestion of toxins or poisons will cause a dog to throw up. If your dog throws up just once or twice, simply clean it up and monitor his eating and bowel movements for the next few hours. If your dog is constantly throwing up or the throw up has a bloody color to it, please call your vet immediately. Yellow or green throw up may also be a sign of illness. It’s best to talk with your Ellicott City, MD vet if you’re unsure on the severity of the throwing up. It never hurts to check. Learn more here.


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