Why do Cats Meow?

If you own a cat then you’ve most likely heard him or her ‘talking’ or ‘meowing’ from time to time. Some breeds are more vocal than others. For example, the Siamese cat is known to be one of the most talkative breeds while cats like the American Curl are known to be on the quieter side. Within the form of communication, cats will meow to talk with other cats, signal their arrival or departure to the room at large, and to get their owner’s attention. Cats may also meow, however, if they are feeling poorly or if they are in pain. If your cat is excessively meowing, take note of the time and other behaviors going on and call your vets Isle of Palms, SC to schedule an exam. It’s better to rule out an illness as soon as possible then to wait and have your cat become more ill.


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