Why your cat needs a clean litter box

Your cat needs a clean litter box so she will be comfortable when it’s time to use it. Why is this so important to her?

Cats may have found their way into a lot of households, but they are still harboring a lot of wild instincts. Seeking out an appropriate spot to eliminate is a part of this. Your pet will need a clean area to avoid getting sick, as spending time in a bacteria-ridden area isn’t healthy for her. She also wants a clean place to bury her waste so other animals won’t be able to detect its presence, and thus give away where she is spending time. This kept her wild ancestors from attracting predators. Also having a clean litter box simply makes the area more appealing to her, which will increase the chances that it will get used. For more information, please contact your local Coit Hedgcoxe Animal Hospital vets Frisco, TX.


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