How To Have a Positive Experience When Hiring A Pet Sitter

If you are planning to hire a pet sitter from an agency, make sure to make reservations well ahead of time. If you will be away for a considerable length of time, it’s a good idea to Purchase enough pet supplies to last for the entire period of your trip and place them in a location that is easily accessible to the pet sitter. You should also inform a neighbor or family that you will be away for a few days and a pet sitter will be staying in your home to take care of your pet. You may also choose to leave an extra key to your home as well as your pet sitter’s contact information. Instructions regarding your pet’s feeding, medications, etc. should be written clearly and completely. Other important information that your pet sitter should know include your contact information, your veterinarian’s contact number, a 24-hour emergency vet, and other important phone numbers (a neighbor or family member) that you wish your pet sitter to know. For more information visit your local animal hospital. 


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