Tips To Ease A Newly Adopted Pet’s Transition Into A New Home

Early planning and preparation will help ensure a hassle-free transition of a newly adopted pet into your home. The litter box, food and water bowls, cat-safe toys, collar and identification tag, cat carrier, kitty bed, etc. should already be bought and positioned a day before your new pet’s arrival. A collar and ID tag is used for pet identification; however you can also have your pet implanted with a microchip. Identification tags will increase your chances of getting your pet back in case he escapes or gets lost. Buy the same type of pet food your kitten has been given in the shelter to prevent digestive upsets. This is also the same with the litter. It is not advisable to use a different litter from the one the cat has been used to before you took him home. Having something familiar during the first few days in his new home is important for a smooth transition. For more information visit your local vet clinic.


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