Obesity and Cats

Did you know that obesity is one of fastest growing illnesses among cats and dogs? Are you concerned about your own cat’s weight? Step on the scale while holding your cat. Write down the number. Step on the scale after setting your cat down. Subtract this number from the first one. This is your cat’s weight. Compare it to the weight at last checkup. If you can’t weigh your cat this way, simply look at your cat from above. If you can see a definitive waist line then your cat’s weight is most likely fine. If you see bones and feel bones when touch the sides of your cat then he’s underweight. If you see fat pudges and feel fat pockets on the side then he may be overweight. Talk to your Newmarket, ON vet about changing your cat’ and creating an exercise routine for your cat. This can help her reach an ideal weight. Learn more here.


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