When You Shouldn’t Hold Your Cat

Holding your cat can be soothing and therapeutic for you and your cat. However, there are times when you shouldn’t hold your cat. For instance, if your cat is in your lap and lashes out, hisses, or paws at another pet or another person, remove him from your lap or set him on the ground. Holding him in this case will give him the impression that he can sit safely in your lap or arms and bully others. Another time you shouldn’t hold your cat is if he’s scratching the furniture and not listening. You may briefly pick the cat up to remove him from the situation, but set him down somewhere else or place him in his crate. If you pick him up and hold onto him then you’re reinforcing his behavior as positive. He will also associate misbehaving with getting your attention. For more tips, call your Winnipeg, Manitoba vet. Visit their homepage to know more.


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