How to Keep Your Hamster from Escaping His Cage

Hamster cages are usually small and not very tall. Hamsters themselves are fairly tiny creatures that don’t really take up a lot of space. However, hamsters are excellent escape artists so it’s important to be cautious and prepared to ensure your hamster doesn’t escape. Be cautious by ensuring you always close the door after holding your hamster or feeding him. Warn family and friends not to open the cage unless you are present to ensure the cage is closed back. Be prepared by ensuring the hamster cage is big enough and tall enough for tunnels and platforms not to be touching the top part of the cage. All that a hamster needs is a little boost to reach the top and then he’s free to twist and turn at the cage door and open it. Look for a cage that has a clasp latch that can’t be moved from the inside. For more tips, consult with your Winnipeg, Manitoba veterinary clinic. Schedule an appointment today!


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