How to Ensure Your Dog Doesn’t Run Out an Open Door

If your dog likes people then he most likely likes to meet them at the door, jump up and down, and greet them with a big slobbery kiss. Your dog may also try to go out the door and meet guests at their car or halfway down the drive way. This is not the best practice or behavior for your dog as he could easily escape the confines of the yard or leave out the front door and get lost. If you’re having guests over, have your dog stay in a locked room during the party so he can’t get out. Leave him in his crate so he can’t sneak out an open door. Make sure you let guests know that the dog is not to be outside. Some people just assume the family dog can go wherever he wants. Place signs on the doors to ensure it stays closed. For more tips, call your Winnipeg, Manitoba vet. Click here to know more.


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