What are Nail Caps for Cats?

Most cat owners trim their cats nails to keep them from becoming extremely sharp and overgrown. Trimming the nails can help prevent cats from scratching furniture and wood sidings, etc. in the home. Please note that nail trimming is not the same as declawing. Declawing actually removes the nails while trimming simply keeps them healthy and shorter. If you don’t want to trim your cat’s nails, consider using nail caps. These are rubber nail covers that can be placed over the cats nails to prevent scratching and destruction of furniture. Grooming salons tend to carry nail caps and place them on your cat for you. Call your local salon to schedule a session for nail caps. You may want to go to the salon without cat and take a look at the caps before deciding to have them put on. You can also ask for your veterinarians Rochester, NY to assist with nail caps.


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