My Cat is Constantly Scratching

Cats love to self groom and maintain a nice, clean coat and appearance. Scratching can often be a cat’s way of grooming particularly irritating areas. However, excessive scratching is definitely a sign of itchy skin or an itchy coat. A cat’s coat is naturally oily. The oil helps protect the coat and skin. If you use the wrong kind of shampoo, your cat can lose the natural oil causing the skin and coat to dry out and become itchy. Your cat may be scratching at bites from fleas or ticks. Check your cat thoroughly and make sure she’s up to date on flea and tick treatments. Food allergies can also cause irritating itchiness and excessive scratching. If you’ve changed your cat’s food recently this could be a cause. Make an appointment with your White Rock, TX vet to find out why your cat is scratching and what can be done to give your cat relief.


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